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Surgical Abortion

If you are eight or more weeks pregnant, and are having an abortion, our staff at Lovejoy will give you all the support you need to come up with the plan that is just right for you. You can also feel comfortable knowing that your procedure at Lovejoy will be performed in a hospital-like setting by an experienced specialist in obstetrics and gynecology and in terminating pregnancies. In fact, because of our doctors’ special expertise, they are often called upon by other doctors, clinics and hospitals to handle their more difficult cases.

If You Are Eight to 10 Weeks Pregnant (Early Surgical Abortion)

Since this is the first trimester of pregnancy, you can have a safe and effective medical abortion in just one day and with just one appointment, under either local or general anesthetic.

If You Are 13 to 19 Weeks Pregnant

More time is required for an abortion during the second trimester so we’ll schedule your appointment on two consecutive days, with the abortion taking place on the second day under general anesthetic.

If You Are Over 20 Weeks Pregnant (Late Abortion)

A later term abortion can be performed through 23 weeks or occasionally longer on a case-by-case basis. Because a later term abortion requires more care, appointments are scheduled on three consecutive days, with the final procedure taking place on the third day under general anesthetic.

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