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Late Abortion

Reasons whether or not to continue a pregnancy after 15 weeks may come from an unforseen change in your life circumstances, a medical condition, financial hardship or a fetal anomaly (abnormal indications).

The decision is YOURS. We will treat you with the utmost kindness, dignity and respect you deserve. Our staff will ensure that your time with us will be spent in a SAFE, caring, and comfortable environment.

Abortion between 15 – 24 weeks requires a procedure referred to as a D & E, meaning dilation (of your cervix) and evacuation (of the pregnancy).

You will get to know our medical team and speak privately with a reproductive health counselor. In addition, our doctors will take gentle medical and surgical steps to end the pregnancy. The abortion procedure (Dilation and Evacuation) will be performed once dilation is sufficient. The time it takes varies from woman to woman.

Over 20 Weeks (Late Abortion)

Almost always women seeking services for termination of a desired pregnancy over 20 weeks have developed serious complications. This usually means the discovery of a catastrophic fetal anomaly or genetic disorder that guarantees death, suffering, or serious disability if the pregnancy were to continue to term.

Occasionally, women seek to terminate pregnancy because of her own severe medical illness or a psychiatric indication.

A late abortion can be performed through 23 weeks or occasionally longer on a case-by-case basis. Because a late abortion requires more care, appointments are scheduled on 3 consecutive days, with the final procedure taking place on the 3rd day under general anesthetic.

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