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Vasectomy / Male Sterilization

A Safe and Effective Way to Prevent Pregnancy.

For those who have decided they want to be sure to prevent pregnancy, a male vasectomy is a good alternative.

The Advantages of a Vasectomy.

Like female sterilization, a vasectomy is a highly effective, one-time procedure that offers the advantage of permanent contraception. But unlike female sterilization, a male vasectomy is medically much simpler, has a lower incidence of complications and is less expensive.

Lovejoy’s Same-Day Vasectomy.

When performed by a Lovejoy physician, a vasectomy can be done very quickly. The procedure consists of blocking the tubes that carry sperm into the semen and when completed, there is no affect on sexual activity including erections and the amount of semen ejaculated.

After a Vasectomy.

Typically, there can be some soreness, and it is suggested that the patient rest for a day. Sexual activity can usually be resumed in a few days, although it is recommended that another form of birth control be used until a follow-up test is done to ensure that no sperm are present in the semen. Since a vasectomy cannot prevent disease, a condom should be used with any sexual encounter that could pose a risk.

Are Vasectomies Reversible?

Although there have been good results in reversing vasectomies if performed within 10 years, doctors advise that the vasectomy procedure should only be undertaken by men who are comfortable with no longer fathering a child.

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